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Welcome to the School of Management’s Engagement video overview on the Digital Module Catalogue.

Our dedicated in-house Careers team offer tailored advice to School of Management students. They work closely with industry and know the skills that employers are looking for. They can advise you on how to build a comprehensive CV, write a cover letter and support you with interview preparation and application forms.

Placements, Projects and Study Abroad

Our Placements, Projects and Study Abroad Team ensure that our students are one step ahead of the competition. They secure work placements, and liaise with international partners to increase out study abroad portfolio.


Digicat Video Resource: Industry

Crunch Digital Company View

Crunch Digital Student View

Copper Bay Creative Student View

DTR Medical Company View

Copper Bay Creative Company View

DTR Medical Student View

Digicat Video Resource: Industry

Employability & Careers Event (Networking with business)

Miles Hire

Welsh Water

Wolfestone Translation

“I feel the Final Year Project is relatable to working life and shows employers that you have the skills required.”

Mathew, BSc Businesses Management

Digicat Video Resource: Industry

Student Experiences

Student Experiences

Student Experiences

Student Experiences

“ I was thrilled as I got to improve my skills and learn from my role in the workplace”

Amy, BSc Business Management

Digicat Video Resource: Industry Partners we share a home with

Bevan Commission: Established in 2008 to advise Government on promoting health and health services improvement in Wales

Fujitsu: Japanese multinational technology services company, world’s fourth-largest IT services provider.

Paper clip students

Paper clip

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