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Marketing is a multi-disciplinary subject which embraces economics, consumer behaviour and psychology, culture and sociology, accountancy, management, and strategy. Thus, the proposed Marketing programme is a specialist degree that provides a solid grounding in the subject area and some key management disciplines that are deemed essential to business management. The course combines both marketing strategy and several contemporary topics of consumer behaviour, marketing research, international marketing and digital marketing to support graduates’ entry into, or progress in, a career in marketing and subsequent learning such as postgraduate studies.

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Year 3- Innovation management MN 3016

Year 2 – Social Enterprise MN 2515

Year 2 MN 3515 International Marketing

Year 2 MN 2007 Strategic Marketing Planning

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Year 2 MN 2522 Social Marketing

Year 2 MN 2008 Digital Marketing

Year 2 MN 2008 Digital Marketing

Year 2 MN 2007 Marketing Strategy

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Year 1 – Managing People MN 1006

Year 3 MN 3026 App Development

Year 3 MN 3026 App Development (Student View)

Year 3 MN 3012 Marketing Research

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